Black Friday
Black Future

It's Black Friday time. Discounts are all around us.

But our planet is already witnessing enormous discounts! We have -68% of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles since 1970s.

A world without tigers, elephants and pandas. Our forests without lynx, bears or wolves.

Devastating. Isn’t it?!

But we can still reverse this horrifying decline! Their future is in our hands. In your hands. And you can act already today.

With your small donation, we will help these wonderful creatures to keep on running through their forests.

If not, for them it won’t be Black Friday. It will remain Black Future.

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You'll be protecting precious habitats and all the species which rely on them. Support our work with a symbolic adoption today!
An elusive hunter
dies slowly
Polar bear
They are getting
skinnier and hungrier
Lynx cubs depend
on their mother
So adorable
and so endangered

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