© Pippa Gallop
© Pippa Gallop

Save rivers, choose life!

From the heart of mountains rivers flow, crossing our land to the sea. They give us water, food and recreation. Rivers are life.

Rivers are threatened. Many plans for small hydropower plants are about to be approved, and rivers could be destroyed forever.

An entire ecosystem will die: trees, plants, birds, fish, otters and - of course - the communities that depend on rivers will suffer.

We can stop it. You can stop it. We are determined to end this madness, but we need your support. We have to choose life, not death.

Make a small donation today. We will work hard to keep life flowing free in your country.

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Adopt an endangered species

You'll be protecting precious habitats and all the species which rely on them. Support our work with a symbolic adoption today!
Uninvited guest
in fishing nets
Polar bear
They are getting
skinnier and hungrier
Lynx cubs depend
on their mother
So adorable
and so endangered

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