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© Petra Kovač-Konrad
© Petra Kovač-Konrad

The mysterious “baby dragon” lives underground and is a true endemic of the Dinaric Karst. Adopt an olm and support our work!

This unique amphibian can only be found in the clean waters of Dinaric caves from Slovenia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and maybe Montenegro. River pollution and regulation, and destruction of its cave habitats are just some of the reasons olms are considered a vulnerable species.

Adopt an olm, support our work

When you adopt an animal, as in this case, you significantly contribute to our work, and not just to the conservation and protection of rivers. You are helping us to preserve the rivers and underground waters of our region! We are working on their restoration, the establishment of natural dynamics, and the protection of habitats of endangered freshwater species. Your symbolic adoption supports our work.

How does it work?

Did you know?

The olm's unusual appearance, combined with the fact that they live in caves, gave rise to folk myths about "baby dragons". Living in total darkness doesn't require eyes, but an excellent sense of smell and a long body covered in many sensory organs enables them to thrive in their underground world. They are the largest cave predators in the region, and when not hunting, they gladly socialise with other members of the species behind a rock, or at the bottom of a puddle.

During mating season, the males become extremely territorial and will do anything to defend their part of the cave. Olms do not leave their underground habitat, but high water levels can force them to the surface. Another interesting fact is that their skin reminds people of human skins, which is why one of their common names is the human fish. In places, their skin is so thin that their internal organs can be seen.

Learn more about the olm

Olms can live up to 100 years, making them the most long-lived amphibians in the world.

Caves are not known for their abundance of food. Because of that, olms evolved the ability to wait for up to 12 years between meals.

How does it work?

First of all: thank you. You’re choosing something different. This is not a normal gift. This is a special gift because it will help protect the beautiful and fragile nature that surrounds us.
This is a perfect gift for animal lovers, environmentalists or simply people with a big heart.

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