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© Souvik Kundu
© Souvik Kundu

Their populations have declined by around 95% since the beginning of the 20th century. There are now estimated to be around 3,900 tigers in the wild. Adopt a tiger and support our work.

Tigers are the largest felines on earth. They are extremely elusive predators and they live mostly solitary lives. Their needs can only be met when living in the wild in their natural environment.


Animal adoptions like yours give a huge boost to our work. Your symbolic adoption supports our work. In Adria, together with our partners, we are building awareness on the necessity for the coexistence of people with wildlife, maintaining a precious balance. Another major threat to that balance is wildlife crime and we are doing our best to stop it.

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Did you know?

Tigers are at the top of the food chain. They keep the numbers of smaller animals under control, which ensures that everyone has enough food, water, and space. Protecting one tiger means saving an entire ecosystem. In the forest, tigers are lone rangers. But in their early days, until two years of age, they are very much dependent on their mother. Tigers usually give birth to two to three cubs at a time. Tigers are striped to perfection: tiger stripes are as unique as human fingerprints.

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Tigers can be found in isolated forests and grasslands throughout Asia. Their habitat is wide-ranging – from evergreen and monsoon forests to mixed coniferous-deciduous woodlands, and mangrove swamps.

There are now estimated to be around 3,900 wild tigers. Poaching is one of the biggest threats to tigers, along with habitat loss, human conflict and loss of prey.

How does it work?

First of all: thank you. You’re choosing something different. This is not a normal gift. This is a special gift because it will help protect the beautiful and fragile nature that surrounds us.
This is a perfect gift for animal lovers, environmentalists or simply people with a big heart.

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