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© Klein & Hubert / / WWF
© Klein & Hubert / / WWF

Over the last century wolves gradually vanished from large parts of Europe, while in our region they have always been here. Coexistence with wolves is part of our heritage. Adopt a wolf and support our work.

In the Adria region there are about 4,000 wolves of the Dinaric Balkan population, a population divided by the administrative borders of 10 countries. This is one of the main reasons why these animals need our help, and we can’t help them without you!

Adopt a wolf, support our work

Animal adoptions like yours give a huge boost to our work. Your symbolic adoption supports our work in the field, to ensure a lasting future for wolves in their native habitat. Our efforts at WWF Adria are focused on helping the people who share their living space with the wolves, mostly livestock owners, find a peaceful coexistence.

How does it work?

Did you know?

They can easily travel 20 to 50 kilometres in one night; within their own territory and with a partner, young wolves can double this distance within 24 hours.

But for the sake of love, wolves can migrate almost 1000 km to start a family.

The Slovenian wolf Slavc, who originated from a pack of wolves on the Slovenian-Croatian border, migrated through Slovenia, Austria, South Tyrol and northern Italy until he met a young she-wolf and settled down.

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Wolf pups are born blind and deaf, and must be cared for until they mature at around ten months of age.

On average, gray wolves eat around 10kg of meat in one meal, but have also been known to go up to 14 days between meals with no ill effects.

How does it work?

First of all: thank you. You’re choosing something different. This is not a normal gift. This is a special gift because it will help protect the beautiful and fragile nature that surrounds us.
This is a perfect gift for animal lovers, environmentalists or simply people with a big heart.

Only 5 steps to complete your adoption, it’s easy!

  1. Choose the animal you love the most
  2. Personalize the certificate with your own message
  3. Fill the data (you can decide what day and what time you want the person to receive your special gift)
  4. Send the gift easily by email
  5. Enjoy the special gift

Last-minute gift? This is the perfect solution! You can send the personalized certificate very quickly! We'll keep you updated on how you're supporting our vital work.

Safety: our donation process is fully encrypted to ensure all personal and financial information is kept safe and secure.

Any questions? Take a look at our adoption FAQs .